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The tradition of women wearing bangles started over many decades ago when the women wore clay bangles as an act of shielding from the heat and protecting hands while cooking. In those days, it’ was not advisable to wear metal bangles while cooking as they attract even more heat. Wearing bangles are not just for a fashion statement as there are some pressure points in the wrist area, which wearing bangles help in maintaining our hormonal balance. Many men wore some bangle like accessories in the olden days, so men wearing bangles is nothing new but hugely healthy!

Here at RB Fashion Jewellery, we offer a remarkable collection of stainless-Steel bangles at affordable prices. You will most certainly find a bangle that you like; chose from practicable rigid bangles or very fashionable cuff bangles. We also have a selection of open and closed bangles to give the perfect touch on an elegant look.

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